Its colonial structure is triumphant. Both its façade and its towers have many admirers; what have you got to lose?

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Primary Cathedral (Catedral Primada)

An eventful life.

When you arrive at Plaza Bolivar, you have to get closer to see the cathedral. The site of the building has always been the base for the city cathedral. However, this church is the fourth to be built since 1538. During the course of the 16th century, three cathedrals were started, the last of which lasted until 1806. After this was demolished, the one which still stands today was erected. In spite of this busy history, the building is a symbol because of both the church and its architecture. Its popular name comes from being the city's seat of the Archbishop, Colombia's first Bishop. However, the number of people gathered in front of it are there to admire its neoclassical architecture. To this day, the design of the façade and its two towers are among the greatest examples of colonial structures.

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