Tequendama falls (Salto de Tequendama)

A natural mystical grove, full of charm, totally far from the madding crowd. An impressive experience.

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Tequendama falls (Salto de Tequendama)

A tour with a difference.

We provide an impressive tour that stands out from the others. Thirty kilometres southwest of the Colombian capital, you can reach the city of Soacha by train or bus. Here, the Funza river passes through Bogota's sabana. And in the middle of this mystical place, a mixture of rainforest and continuous mist, the river plummets to form a waterfall of more than 155 metres high. It is one of the most stunning natural phenomena that you'll ever see: it is said that this waterfall appeared as the earth God Chibchacum's vengeance to punish the local people for their sins. It is located deep in nature, where humans have barely been able to alter the space. The view of this natural grove is only broken by the Hotel Salto close to the waterfall, a beautiful building that sadly is no longer open to the public.

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