A Gothic-Romanesque treasure with a belltower offering smashing views over Bordeaux.

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Cathedral of Saint Andrew

The city's historic cathedral, one of its most famous landmarks.

The Cathedral of Saint André, a Gothic church of Romanesque origin and major stop along the French leg of the Way of St. James (to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain), is an integral part of Bordeaux's UNESCO World Heritage patrimony. Beset by difficulties from the beginning - starting with construction in the 11th century on shifty, swampy terrain - two of its four planned towers were left unfinished due to lack of funds. In the 15th century it was even necessary to sell one of the cathedral's venerable organs (considered the most beautiful in all of Christendom) in order to finance military escapades of the day. There's a belltower separate from the main nave, the Tour Pey-Berland, built in the 15th century and open to the public; it costs five euros to climb to the top, for a lovely panoramic view of the city.

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