They say that this statue grants the wishes of anyone who touches it. It can't hurt to try for yourself!

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Everard 't Serclaes Monument

Make a wish.

This statue, found on Rue Charles Buls in one of the Grand Place buildings, is another interesting attraction in Brussels. Everard Serclaes, Lord of Cruyckembourg, was a famous Brussels resident, who liberated the city during the 14th century War of Succession of the Earl of Bramante. Belgian artist Julien Dillens made this bronze statue in his honour. Legend has it that this sculpture of Everard Serclaes will grant the wish of anyone who touches it. It is therefore not uncommon to see people making the effort to ‘polish’ it with their hands, which is why this hero’s figure is so much shinier than the rest of the building.

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