Its combination of romantic ambience and designer dishes make it an absolute must.

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Antigua Contemporánea Restaurant

Fusion on and off the plate

Its name is not accidental, and you will understand why when you see the how the colonial-style building contrasts hugely with the presentation of its dishes. Situated in the bohemian district of San Antonio, the Antigua Contemporánea is famous for the romantic ambience that pervades the restaurant and for its truly unique décor, where eclecticism is the order of the day: vintage furniture, natural vegetation, Arabic elements, fountains, buddhas… and some of these decorative items are even for sale. Interested? On the purely gastronomic side, its menu mixes flavours and textures to create daring, elegant recipes, which will surprise even the most demanding palates; fusion is their raison d’être, in both decoration and menu. Their loin contemporáneo, their crusty prawns, salmon cooked in the oven or the famous buffalo cheese montadito will give you a complete culinary experience.

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