Hundreds of plants which will astonish you with their colour and brilliance. An oasis of peace.

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Cali Botanical Garden

A reflection of the country's biodiversity

This beautiful open area, situated near the river, houses the best display of Valle del Cauca flora in the city. Cali’s Botanical Garden extends over an area of twelve hectares and is full of typical plants from the area and other endemic species, creating an eye-catching contrast of colours and shapes: samans, calliandra, carnivorous plants, huge wild cashews, ceibas, the fascinating Queen of the Night cactus, monkeypods, acacias and, of course, the orchid, which is Colombia’s national flower. It will not be hard to appreciate, at first hand, the region’s immense biodiversity. It is also possible to take guided tours to learn about the unique features of these autochthonous ecosystems and of the birds that live and breed in them. In addition to the natural aspects, the garden is also a true oasis of peace within the city centre, a perfect place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a peaceful stroll.

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