Calima Gold Museum

Stunningly beautiful works in gold and ceramics from the Calima culture. Sublime!

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Calima Gold Museum


Thanks to its initial design, the Calima Gold Museum has become, in its own right, one of the most significant exhibition centres in the city. It is located in the modern Banco de la República building, right in the city centre, and it has hundreds of pieces made in gold on display; the pieces originate from the Calima culture, people who were living in Valle de Cauca before the arrival of the Spanish. You will be dazzled by so much beauty! What’s more, you will also have the chance to see items of pottery, decoration, objects made from shells, stone or bone and ethnographic displays relating to other ancient cultures in the area which will help you to understand what their day-to-day life was really like: in total, there are more than six hundred pieces on display. As a bonus, the visit includes explanatory videos and you can also join a guided tour. The museum was opened in 1991.

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