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Dance shows and events

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Dance is in the bones of people from Cali; so much so, that throughout the year events of all types are put on to celebrate this beautiful cultural form. There are venues that organize occasional shows, such as Carpa Delirio, where you can enjoy fabulous live shows with dancing and an orchestra, or Cabaret Salsa Show, which combines salsa and cabaret and even allows visitors to dance with the professional artists. These are events of the highest quality. No less attractive are other events such as Cali’s salsa schools’ internal championships or the competitions known as ‘Salsa Hombre’ and ‘Salsa Ladies’ where the cream of Colombian salsa come together to astonish friends and foreigners with their golden steps. And, as an unforgettable climax, every year the World Salsa Festival takes place here, with entry open to the best dancers from other countries.

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