Visiting Cali and not salsa dancing is practically unforgivable. Care to dance?

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Dancing in Cali

The heart and soul of the party

Yes, we are repeating ourselves: Cali’s nightlife did, does and always will revolve around salsa, it’s defining characteristic; this is why, visiting the Valle del Cauca capital and not dancing along to this music is practically unforgivable. All around the city there are a large numbers of dance clubs where music starts in the early evening and doesn’t stop until dawn. However two areas stand out because of their traditional salsa spirit: Avenida Sexta and Carrera 66. Discos as famous as Kukaramakara, Cuba Libre or Baiao are hotspots for the thousands of people from Cali who meet up to let themselves by carried away by the rhythms and spirit of salsa, the back and forth and twirling dance moves that will leave you open-mouthed. Are you brave enough to step onto the dance floor?

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