Enjoy the San Antonio district

A bohemian area with its own special charm; its artists and its gastronomy complete the picture.

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Enjoy the San Antonio district

Colonial charm

If we had to choose one area that perfectly represented the intrinsic value of the city of Cali, the district of San Antonio would win hands down. This is where the essence of the city is found: an area full of magical corners, beautiful colonial architecture which evokes times past and a first-class historic heritage; it is not surprising, therefore that it is also known as ‘Old Cali’. Its beautiful low-roofed buildings today accommodate antique dealers, artisanal workshops and artistic centres which fill the district with life, keeping its soul alive and intact; this a bohemian place, full of artists who give free reign to their imagination and who will take you to seventh heaven. Its traditional restaurants and a myriad of cultural activities make a wander through its labyrinth streets an experience which is hard to beat. What are you waiting for?

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