It has over three thousand historic objects on show: statues, pots, ceramics….

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Julio César Cubillos Archaeological Museum

A priceless collection

This icon of Cali culture, which is part of the Valle University, has been shining a light on Cali’s history for five decades. Despite the fact that only a tenth of its collection is on public display, the size of the collection is only matched by its intrinsic value: the three thousand plus works on show relate to pre-Hispanic times, with some of them being two thousand years old. Statues, pots, items made of pottery, stone or wood, anthropomorphic carvings and a plethora of displays allow you to learn first-hand about the life of the ancient cultures of Colombia. This is a genuine watchword for the nation’s heritage. The Julio César Cubillos Archaeological Museum, which is named after its first administrator, is also involved in excavations on its own campus and at other archaeological digs outside the city, carrying out additional research work and cultural dissemination.

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