Dishes with ingredients from the Pacific make for a convivial shared dining experience

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La Comitiva Restaurant

Sharing platters

Have you ever imagined a restaurant where the dishes and the ambience work together to delight all your senses at the same time? Well, this is the place you were looking for. The Comitiva Restaurant has deservedly won its privileged position on Cali’s culinary scene through the traditional approach of placing dishes in the centre of the table for all the diners to share, to come together over a convivial meal. Its chef, Juan Carlos Quintero, strongly believes that Pacific elements should feature in his dishes, and offers such appealing choices as fresh fish tiradito, shrimp sultanitas, prawns with chontaduro or the famous ‘sobrebarriga pinchada’, a meat dish. His arroz atollado contains sea food as well as chicken and pork. Take a close look at the cocktail list as it offers cocktails with relatively uncommon gins which are particularly interesting. You will love it!

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