80% of its over 1,500 works are works on paper. Truly remarkable.

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La Tertulia Museum

Avant-garde everywhere

Lovers of modern art are in luck, as this is one of the largest collections in all Colombia: the Tertulia Museum houses over 1,500 contemporary pieces, works by national and international artists from the middle of the XX century up to the present day. Its key feature, and despite also exhibiting pictures, sculptures and photographs, is that approximately 80% of its collections is comprised of works on paper, from engravings to pencil or pastel drawings: the peculiarity of the display means that, for reasons of conservation, every four months almost half the collection is restored, so you there will always be something new to look at. The centre building also boasts extraordinary, avant-garde architecture, very fitting with what you will see inside. Throughout the year, it hosts very interesting temporary exhibitions, and has a film archive and a small stage where open-air concerts are held.

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