They were erected to drive away a demon who had put a curse on the city. So the legend says….

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Monument of the Three Crosses

A compulsory pilgrimage

We can safely say, if we refer to the story that is attached to this monument, that the devil was responsible for these three crosses being built here. In 1837, two monks decided to climb up to this high hill carrying three cane crosses, their purpose being to drive away the demon Buziraco, who had cursed the city and foretold its downfall. They continued to do this in subsequent years, and this pilgrimage started to gain more followers each time; so much so that today hundreds of locals come here on May 3rd every year to attend mass and to worship at the Holy Cross. The cane crosses were replaced by new cement crosses in 1938, which are still here today reaching up to the heavens: the central cross is 26 metres high; the two side crosses are 22 metres high. They are situated at a height of 1,480 metres above sea level.

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