26 metres high and almost 1,500 metres above sea level. Awesome!

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Monument to Cristo Rey (Christ the King)

Watching over the city from on high

There are two reasons why this is one of the iconic monuments of Cali: firstly, because of the monument itself, an enormous effigy of Christ the King, 26 metres high (the pedestal itself is 5 metres high), 25 metres wide due to the position of its arms and weighing 464 tons; secondly, because of the incredible views that you will be able to see from this privileged spot, on the highest point of the famous Cerro de los Cristales (Hill of the Crystals), at almost 1,500 metres above sea level. It was inaugurated in 1952, and was designed by the Italian artist Alideo Tazzioli. The monument also has a small chapel. On the journey up here you will have the chance to enjoy the fascinating work of Carlos Andrés Gómez, an artist who has sculpted images on the stones of the ravines leading to the top of the Hill.

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