Marranitas, Valle del Cauca chops, tamales, aborrajados, luladas… Who could want more?

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Variety first and foremost

If there is one defining feature of Cali’s cuisine, it is, without a doubt, its diversity: meat, stews, vegetables and typical drinks that will make your mouth water just at the thought. Pork is a popular ingredient, appearing in authentic dishes such as marranitas (green plantain fried and stuffed with pork crackling) or Valle del Cauca chops, simply prepared but really delicious. The ubiquitous tamales, empanadas and the delicious sancocho de gallina (chicken and vegetable soup), are the perfect main course to be followed by heavenly puddings like blancmange, pandebono (rolls) or aborrajado which is fried mature plantains stuffed with cheese. The wide selection also includes traditional drinks such as masato, which has pre-Hispanic origins and is based on the fermentation of pineapples or yuccas, or lulada, which is prepared with lulo, a native fruit. And do you know the best thing? Whatever you choose will always be delicious!

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