Works from the XV century up to well into the XX century. Unmissable!

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Museum of Colonial and Religious Art

A stroll through history

Opened in 1978, this centre was created from the restoration of the La Merced Convent, within the religious complex after which it is named. The great value of this museum lies in the beauty of its works, of which the authorship is known of only a small percentage, and in the comprehensive overview it provides of the different historical eras of the city, with pieces from the XV century up to well into the XX century. Another of its strengths is its heterogeneity, as the collection which it exhibits comprises pictures painted on a huge variety of different materials, for example, wood, stone, metal, canvas and glass, giving the collection a truly multi-faceted character. You can also see here some beautiful sculptures in stone and wood, colonial art, religious garments, furniture from the convent and the nearby chapels and, as a point of interest, the oldest wall, still standing in the city of Cali.

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