Cold drink (frozen!) made with honey, fruit and cinnamon. Original, to say the least.

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One champús, please.

An iconic drink

Listen up, because it is time to try one of Colombia’s most authentic recipes. Champús is a genuine emblem of the gastronomy of Valle del Cauca, a drink that epitomizes the unique character of the people who prepare it. Although it is drunk in other countries such as Peru or Ecuador, it is unique in Colombia because here it is served cold, very cold, and is considered to be a natural remedy for high temperatures: this beverage is prepared with honey, maize and different fruits (it is most often prepared with pineapple and lulo, a striking fruit because of its orange skin and green inside) spiced with cloves, cinnamon and bitter orange leaves; the mixture is original, to say the least. Our recommendation is to try this drink with some tasty local empanadas and spicy chilli sauce. A fabulous combination!

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