Esplanade which hosts cultural events such as the Cali Fair and the Álvarez Petronio Festival.

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Pan American Park

With its flags flying

This is also known as the Park of the Flags, and with good reason: three dozen masts fly flags of Colombia and other countries from around the world, explaining why the flag has become the symbol by which this place is recognized. This was where the Olympic flame stayed before the opening of the Pan-American Games in 1971, which is the origin of its official name; the park was designed by the architects Manuel Lago and Jaime Sáenz Caicedo. On one side of the square, there is a fountain which is popular with families, particularly at weekends; the parents relax while the children run and play to their hearts content. As it is such a large esplanade free from buildings, it is often the site of large cultural events such as the Cali Fair or the Petronio Álvarez Festival. It is located very near the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium.

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