Its menu offers the classic dishes of Cali gastronomy.

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Patio Valluno Restaurant

The home of tradition

To talk about the Patio Valluno Restaurant is to talk about the gastronomy of Cali in all its splendour, a place where the dishes are prepared with the affection that can only be offered by local knowledge. Here you will be able to try the country’s traditional dishes and dive into a world of flavour: marranitas, stuffed potatoes, bistecks a caballo, chicharrones, tamales, yucca pastries, patacones, ribs and myriad choices that will take you on a fascinating culinary journey; there is no traditional dish from the Cauca region which is not on this menu. And if you want to spoil yourself, order their legendary beef tenderloin in shrimp sauce, a dish which is as appetizing as it sounds. Natural juices, lemonades and tradition drinks like lulada or champús complete the top-class menu. And its value for money is among the best in the city.

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