Explore the Pance River and the area around it from totally different point of view.

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Riding in the south of the city

On horseback

There are many ways of getting into the great outdoors, but none as authentic and fun as doing it on horseback. In Cali there are riding schools where you can hire beautiful horses for a typical trail ride, cabalgata as they are known here, and pass an agreeable afternoon from a totally different point of view; it will be really good fun. The most famous trail rides are in the south of the city, around the Pance River: they are educational excursions along the river (some even cross the river) which take you into wild areas with the guides explaining the characteristic features of the area; this is a very original option if you are travelling with your children. The most well-known centre is probably ‘La Z’, a school which has been in operation for over 25 years and which offers a wide range of possibilities. And do you know what’s best? There are prices to suit every budget.

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