Beautiful countryside and hiking trails which will allow you to discover some very special places.

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Rural areas around Cali

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And that’s not all, near the capital there are two particular places of interest which stand out: firstly, the famous Vuelta a Occidente which encompasses several sites of unparalleled beauty, such as Los Andes, the home of the Virgen de Yanaconas and where you can revel in an enormous variety of landscapes, Felidia, situated inside the Farallones Natural Park of Cali, or La Elvira, deep within a forest reserve area. This description itself is all that’s needed to imagine this leafy paradise; secondly, the Ruta de la Montaña, perfect for hikers, passes through the towns of Pance, Villacarmelo and La Buitrera. Hiking here will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in stunningly beautiful places formed by rivers, natural pools, hills, waterfalls and leafy vegetation. This is a perfect place for bird watching, with recreational facilities and really appealing activities available. Ready to have fun?

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