A healthy alternative which keeps the essence of Colombian flavours. It will amaze you!

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The Buen Alimento vegetarian restaurant

Another side of the national cuisine

Cali also has a place for lovers of vegetarian food. The Buen Alimento Restaurant was set up at the beginning of this decade with the clear intention of becoming a leader in vegetarian cuisine in Cali, and wow has it succeeded: its dishes offer a healthy and tasty alternative way to discover another side of the national gastronomy. Chick pea hamburgers, dishes with bean sprouts, falafel sandwiches, vegan tamales, lasagnes, oriental-inspired pasta, grilled vegetables and much more, a plethora of options comprise a truly original menu. Its products are top quality, such as the tofu, which is traditionally prepared in house, and the house sauces will delight any diner, even the most committed carnivore; these delicious recipes will make them change their mind. They offer a menu of the day with very competitive prices.

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