You will learn about the tools used for working the canes and what colonial houses were like.

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The Sugar Cane Museum

A sweet story

We are now setting our sights on another area of the history of Valle del Cauca related to its financial activity. The Sugar Cane Museum has been in operation since 1990 and is located in La Hacienda Piedechinche, between the towns of El Cerrito and Palmira, as this is where the first machines for cultivating and working the sugar cane were introduced. During your guided visit, which lasts about two hours, you will learn about the history of the sugar cane industry in the region and the effects it had on the life of people at the time; you will also see the tools that were used to harvest the cane. And not only this: the house, which dates back to the XVIII century, will astonish you with its graceful architectural style and with the elegance of its interior decoration and furnishings; this is an authentic large colonial house. It also has a garden centre where you can purchase exotic and medicinal plants.

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