Just outside Cali, here you will be able to disconnect and enjoy the essence of Valle del Cauca.

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Trips to Dapa, Yumbo and Racamandapa

Nature in her purest state

If you thought that all Valle del Cauca’s charm was concentrated in Cali, you will soon discover that places outside the city also have a lot to offer: there are several nearby places where you can enjoy ambiences which are totally different, perfect choices for a day trip. The municipality of Yumbo is one of these places, famous because of its natural contrast with Cali and because of its incredible landscapes; it is a perfect place to disconnect while admiring the heavenly views, meeting the local fauna and being enthralled on the stunning hiking trails. A good choice for lovers of adventure sports. The town of Dapa and Racamandapa Park, also in this area, are two more beautiful destinations that show off the local area in its purest form. There is life outside the capital!

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