A pedestrianized avenue beside the river and close to several monuments. It also hosts exhibitions.

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A city where the public spaces are dedicated to the recreation of its inhabitants is a city which has been designed with people in mind: this is exactly what happened in 2013 in Cali, when they opened the renovated Bulevar de la Avenida Colombia, also known as Bulevar del Río (River Boulevard) because of its proximity to the river. This is a pedestrian avenue which, since it was opened, has become one of the most popular places in the capital, a place where locals meet to enjoy a pleasant walk and feel the legendary city breeze blow away their everyday cares. Two intrinsic aspects make it particularly impressive: firstly, its privileged location, which makes it the central point around which several important city monuments are located; secondly because of the vitality it imparts, hosting occasional cultural exhibitions which will add to the enjoyment of your walk. One piece of advice? If you can, visit it at Christmas. It is spectacular!

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