Meant to pay homage to the African continent, this 49 metres (160 feet) of bronze has instead attracted little but criticism.

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African Renaissance Monument

A huge, bombastic "statue of discord."

Located in the outlying slum of Ouakam, this gigantic monument has also been dubbed known "the statue of discord." A 49-metre (160-foot) bronze statue atop a hill twice that height, it was inaugurated in 2010 and, despite aspiring to be a symbol for freedom and rebirth for the continent of Africa, it has been more condemned than celebrated. For one thing, the people of Africa - and Senegal in particular - criticised the fortune spent on its construction (some $40 million) while many of the continent's people continue to starve. Moreover, the vast majority of Senegalese people are Muslim, and many have been offended by giant depiction of a scantily attired woman. Finally, few understood why a symbol of African freedom had to be built by South Korea and not by Africans. It is clear that this is one of the least popular and most controversial symbols of the African continent.

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