Handmade, colourful, very reflective of local folklore - a truly excellent memento of your visit.

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Traditional Senegalese robes.

Senegalese robes called boubous are among the most typical items and one of the most meaningful souvenirs you can pick up in Dakar. The best of these are even considered high fashion; they're usually handmade, with very vivid colours (blue often predominating) and decorated with motifs of Senegalese folklore, usually in gold. You can find them all over town, but we'd especially recommend a boutique called Line Senghor, in the commercial area of the city. It's a very popular place to find the best fabrics, local garb, and hand-embroidered boubous. It's not expensive (keeping in mind that Dakar is quite cheap in general), and well worth a browse through its lovely, colourful wares.

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