Lots of quirky items and crafts, sure to yield a charming souvenir or two. And such local colour!

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Colobane Market

A bit out of the city centre but well worth a taxi ride.

Unlike most of Dakar's other markets, Colobane is located on the outskirts of the urban centre, about 20 minutes from downtown. The best way to get out here from wherever you may be is to take a taxi - fares are cheap as well as negotiable, and it's a good way to to have a look around the capital's outlying areas. In fact, you could could even take advantage of the trip to settle on a price with the driver for a little sightseeing tour through the city while you're at it. Taxi drivers here are known to be affable and chatty, and even if your French is not parfait, they will gamely do their best to tell you what they know about their hometown. Anyhow, Colobane Market is jam-packed with stalls full of clothing, crafts, and secondhand merchandise, where you might dig up anything from an antique kettle to a tapestry with folkloric motifs. All rather charming, actually, and a good bet for an interesting souvenir or two.

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