Food shopping at Kermel market

Both for its wares and its people watching, this colonial-era market is a remarkable window into the life of Senegal.

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Food shopping at Kermel market

The essence of Dakar.

You won't want to miss this reknowned marketplace, as it represents in many ways the essence of the city of Dakar. To get here, walk down the Rue Aristide Le Dantec eastward from Independence Square. Soon you'll start start to hear the hubbub that will lead you to that will guide you to the door of the Kermel market. Before going in, check out the Victorian-era building itself, one of the most impressive colonial structures in the city (built in 1860, faithfully reconstructed after a 1994 fire). Then, once inside, you'll note a plethora of high-quality produce, meat, fish, and some souvenirs. But really, the best thing about this experience is the ability to rub shoulders with the locals while they go about their food shopping and to get some colourful and totally kick-arse photo ops.

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