Still grey and bleak, Gorée Island's museum and empty cells bear witness to the terrible history of the African slave trade.

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Gorée Island

Senegal's world-famous "Slave Island" an emotional place to visit.

There are some iconic places in the world that evoke deep emotional reactions. Auschwitz is one, and this speck of land off the south shore of Dakar is another. Also known as the "slave island," until 1807 Gorée was used as a barracks, processing centre, and shipment point for human chattel destined for transport across the world, particularly the Americas, through the famous "doorway of no return." The atmosphere here is still grey and bleak, even though the former House of Slaves and other facilities here are used today only as a museum and monument to this terrible trade and institution of the past. Here you can see exhibitions as well as inspect the cells that held thousands of unfortunates over the course of more than a century - as have world figures such as Pope John Paul II, U.S. president Barack Obama, and Nelson Mandela.

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