Lots of typical Senegalese clothing, fabrics, and crafts, all with a festive atmosphere including music and dance. Don't miss it.

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HLM Market

A festive, colourful street market well worth your time.

In contrast to Kermel Market, HLM is a street market full of bright colours, music, and dancing. It specialises in fabrics and in traditional Senegalese garb, although you can also find a lot of crafts, musical instruments, and various other things. Tailors come here to display their best fabrics in all possible hues and patterns, and you can have typical Senegalese ensembles made to measure on the spot (though only the more basic ones). In any case, a visit to this market will give you a good look at a very typical side of Dakar - people coming and going, roving street vendors, and above all, lots of bargaining and haggling between buyers trying to sound doubtful and sellers insisting they couldn't possibly drop their prices for a single franc less...

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