Come here for a a look at an important part of day-to-day life in Dakar - including some aspects that are not for the squeamish.

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Kermel Market

One of Dakar's most important public markets.

As we've mentioned elsewhere, there's not much in the way of shopping streets in Dakar - here it's all about street markets and covered markets, like this one, Kermel, one of the city's most important. Located next to a brightly-coloured colonial-era building at the end of the Avénue Albert Sarraut, on the opposite side of the Place de l'Independence, you'll know you're in the right place when you see all the crowds. You can find all kinds of merchandise here (including some crafts), but it's most popular for foodstuffs such as fresh fish, beef, and produces. In fact, it's not uncommon to see cattle butchered right on the premises to show how fresh the meat is - which can be a little overwhelming for the squeamish. Nonetheless, it's par for the course for day-to-day life in Dakar.

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