Local products and crafts

Some key suggestions for cool stuff to take home - and a reminder to bargain for everything!

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Local products and crafts

Pick up a [erfect memento of Senegal.

What better mementos of your visit to Senegal than examples of fine local workmanship? And there are plenty of places in which to buy it, from specialty shops to marketplaces, street stalls, and roving vendors. Senegalese batiks, garments made from handpainted fabrics are very typical and quite cheap. They're usually decorated with motifs from local culture. Many visitors also take home items of typical local jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets (wooden bracelets in particular are quite popular), as well as small figurines of ceramic and finer materials such as silver and gold. Leather items are another favourite. And don't forget, bargaining for each purchase is always necessary and expected!

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