A downtown food and household goods market that's a fascinating window into Senegalese life and character.

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Sandaga Market

A vibrant market scene that doesn't get more typically Senegalese.

Dakar residents come from all over the city to the downtown core between Avénues Pompidou and Lamine Gueye to do their household shopping at this venerable market where generations past have jostled and bargained, day in and day out. You're certainly welcome to make your own purchases, and there are indeed some memento-worthy handicrafts and antiques mixed in with the produce, meats, and everyday household products and appliances for sale. But the greater reason so come to the Marché Sandaga is to witness a typically Senegalese experience, right down to the national custom of bargaining every last price. It's a vibrant, colourful scene that's sure to keep your camera (or cameraphone) plenty busy - and it's also a great spot to have a taste of one of Senegal's star dishes, thiéboudienne.

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