One of Africa's favourite cuisines brings a mix of cross-cultural influences, including French.

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Senegalese cuisine

Exotic and tasty

As in Europe, there are great variations within African cuisine, and the gastronomy of Senegalese is one of the continent's most appealing and popular. Benefiting from some exotic local ingredients and spices, it's brings a mix of West African, North African, and French influences. On the protein side, much of it is based on chicken and fish (pork being rare in a Muslim country), and we'd suggest three dishes especially worth looking out for. Chicken yassa is marinated with local spices then simmered in lemon juice with onion, garlic, and mustard. Thiéboudienne is a very popular, tomatoey fish and rice dish. Also popular is maffe, meat or fish in tomato-and-peanut sauce. A good place to try all the above and more is Chez Loutcha, downtown at 101 Rue Mousse Diop, next to Place de l'Independence.

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