From Dakar art gallery crawls to going nose-to-horn with white rhinos in Bandia, this outfitter delivers the essence of Senegal.

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SenegalStyle outfitter

A great one-stop shop for Senegal touring and adventure.

Ready for a little adventure? The perfect local outfit to help is SenegalStyle, which has been introducing visitors to cultural and adventure activities throughout the country for a number of years, covering pretty much all the bases - Gorée Island, drumming classes, surfing, beaches, horseback riding, Bandia Reserve wildlife, art galleries, music, and more. Tours can be arranged individually or in groups. We'd recommend the guided options but they'll also simply rent you wheels at good rates so you can get around on your own (motor scooters or cars with or without drivers). Also for rent is a variety of sports equipment. All in all, it's a pretty great one-stop shop for getting a good handle on Dakar and Senegal!

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