On the outskirts of Dakar, a craft village where you can shop high-quality Senegalese artisanry, then go to the beach!

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Soumbe-Dionne Artisan Village

Handicrafts a-go-go!

In the Fann Corniche neighbourhood of the port and beach area on Dakar's outskirts, the craft village of Soumbe-Dionne is made up of artisans from throughout the country who sell their wares in the streets. They work in wood, leather, ordinary and precious metals, cloth, producing objects large and small, including traditional garb, furniture, jewelry and body adornments of all kinds, and traditional-style art. You're sure to find a lovely item or three to take home with you! And as a bonus, you can pop over to one of the gorgeous nearby beaches for a spot of sun and surf.

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