The Dakarois are not big on organised shops - street stands and roving vendors are the thing. Better get used to it!

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Street shopping

Most Dakar shopping takes place on the street, so get into the spirit!

The city of Dakar is a city with enormous charm but admittedly pretty disorganised. You will not find tidy streets lined with shops - here it's all about street markets and especially roving vendors. Even within the markets there's not all that much in the way of organisation. You'll pretty much find yourself coming across vendors in every corner - bus stop, crosswalk, doorway, it doesn't matter - hawking items from wristwatches to suits, all the way up to large furniture such as sofas, tables, and wardrobes. You should also be prepared to always bargain - and don't stress out about it; time is always on the buyer's side, so you can take it easy. In Place de l'Independence there are always a lot of street stands, so that's a good place to start your outdoor shopping adventure.

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