Surfing/Kitesurfing near Dakar

It's Baywatch, African-style, as some of Africa's best beaches offer some of the world's best surfing - with kitesurfing in particular on the, er, upswing.

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Surfing/Kitesurfing near Dakar

Some of the world's gnarliest waves, right here in Senegal!

You'll soon find that Senegal's beaches of are one of the country's top treasures - paradisiacal powdery sands stretching some 350 miles along the coasts. Fishing, surfing, diving, and many other watery pursuits have been going on for years, but especially of late watersports have been booming like never before, and one sport above all - kitesurfing. One area that has become a kitesurf mecca is Pointe des Almadies, a half hour from Dakar. Along beaches like Yoff (better known as the Yoff Beach Breaks), Monsieur “Ice” Beach, and N'gaparou (aka Ebony Beach) you can find various outfits that rent equipment and offer instruction (many of the local hotels will do the same). The surfing is so gnarly hereabouts that many of the sport's top figures show up regularly to practice and compete.

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