Centuries of ceramics from around the world are kept in this Neoclassical building.

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Ariana Museum

An homage to ceramics

Not far from the United Nations headquarters, surrounded by greenery, you will find the only museum in the country dedicated to ceramics. Its 25,000 item collection reflects the evolution of this art over twelve centuries. Ceramic, glass and crystal objects from the Middle Ages are exhibited in this splendid Neoclassical building, along with other more modern and contemporary ones. This project was carried out thanks to the donation to the city made by Gustave Revilliod, a writer, patron of the arts and collector. The collection includes Mesopotamian pottery, Delft porcelain, Renaissance ceramic, unique Swiss traditional pieces as well as Chinese and Japanese porcelain imported to Europe in the late 18th century. The Ariana Museum is also, unsurprisingly, the headquarters of the International Academy of Ceramics (AIC), an institution founded in 1952 that currently has 400 ceramic experts from different countries.

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