Let yourself be surprised by its size, its broken leg and its meaning.

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Broken Chair

A giant wooden chair

Following the theme of Geneva as the world capital of peace, and opposite the large Palais des Nations, your attention will be drawn to a 12 metre chair with a broken leg. Installed in August 1997, this sculpture by Swiss artist Daniel Benet, based on an idea by Paul Vermeulen, co-founder and director of Handicap International, denounces the use of anti personnel mines and cluster bombs in armed conflicts. Its five ton weight is held by three of its legs, while the third, broken, symbolises the destiny of the victims of these weapons. Interestingly, this monument was going to stay up for only three months, until the signing of the Ottawa Treaty, which bans the use of landmines in war zones. But, since not every country signed the Treaty, it was decided to keep it in place, as a reminder for the UN and the visitors, of the civilians who, on a daily basis, suffer the loss of limbs or even life because of these weapons.

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