The most original, exact and flowery time can be found in the Jardin Anglais (English Garden)

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Horloge Fleurie - The Flower Clock

What time is it?

It is very easy to find out what is the exact time while taking a stroll under the cool shade of the trees in the central Jardin Anglais, thanks to this wonderful clock and its generous size: five metres wide and boasting a circumference of over 17 metres. A particular homage of the city to the country's watch making tradition. "Planted" in 1955, it made up of over 6,500 plants and flowers of all kinds and colours. It is always changing. The Flower Clock changes its image four times a year, in every season. What was initially a mere ornament has nowadays become a true piece of art. In 2002, the original idea was modified by introducing eight different dials, thus creating a unique clock on the typically vibrant green Swiss grass. Its second hand, over two and a half metres long, is the longest in the world. The clock is always at the correct time because it is electronically connected to a satellite.

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