"Rhône" or "Martel" are the best places to taste the delicious Swiss chocolate.

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How to get the best Swiss chocolate

The best Swiss chocolate stores.

There's more to Geneva than watches, parks and lake Leman. This city also has a deep-rooted chocolate tradition, a pleasure that can be enjoyed at any time, anywhere in the city, for not that much money. This local product, loved by young and old alike, reaches such quality here that you will probably experience sensations and textures you had never felt before. Go to "Rhône" (www.du-rhone.ch), on the Rue de la Confederation, where they have been making chocolate since 1875. There is a chocolate shop and a "tea room" where you can sample some of its sweets. Another noteworthy place is "Martel". It is always full of people, so don't for a quick visit. Here, in addition to a great hot chocolate or a piece of cake, you can have a sandwich or a drink.

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