If only Henry Dunant could see what the organisation he founded to help soldiers has become!

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International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

One of a kind.

Geneva, headquarters of the organisation, has also the only museum devoted to the history of the Red Cross, exhibiting its work and exploring the challenges it faces. This place has little to do with a traditional museum. It has three independent areas, designed by three different architects, and offers a wide perspective on the most conflictive periods and areas throughout history. An attractive, interactive chronology sows its 150 years of history through the activities the institution carries out around the world. Closed on Mondays, but otherwise open every day, its rooms exhibit powerful images, historical artefacts and audiovisual presentations showing how the Red Cross has grown since Henry Dunant, a Geneva banker, created it to help the soldiers from the Solferino battle. For more details: www.micr.org.

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