Olympic spirit and a chance to relive the milestones that have made the history of sport.

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Olympic Museum

Ready, steady... go!

If sport and Olympic history are your things, you might as well use your visit to Lausanne, headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, to see its Olympic Museum. Through videos, interviews, images and many interactive activities you can relive the first 10 point score by Nadia Comaneci in Montréal 1976, the eight gold medals by Michael Phelps in Beijing 2008 or the 8.9 metre jump by Bob Beamon in Mexico 1968. But there more than historical milestones. The museum also shows the IOC's struggle to keep the "Olympic spirit" alive and everything else related to the Games, from the first Olympic Games in Athens, 1896. One of its rooms shows the curious evolution of torches, medals, shoes and uniforms throughout these modern-day Olympic Games.

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