Everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, will enjoy this lively, colourful exhibition with 200 puppets from all over the world.

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Puppets, a timeless art

A timeless art.

But you need not travel with children to go back to your own childhood and enjoy the original Marionette Museum. In addition to a colourful exhibition with over 200 marionettes from 25 countries, they also organise puppet making workshops or entertaining puppet shows (in French, but easy to follow nonetheless) that will take you back in time. Located on the Rue Merle d'Aubigne, beside the Parc des Eaux-Vives, the museum keeps alive the art of telling stories through these magical characters whose perfection, in most cases, makes them look almost human. At the other end of the city, opposite the Pont des Acacies and reachable by the line 1 buses, is the Théâtre des Marionettes de Genève (dev.marionnettes.ch/public.php) where more modern puppet shows can be seen, and which even tour around the world.

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