This curious hydraulic monument, drenching the Geneva horizon, is 140 metres high.

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The Water Jet

500 litres per second, 200 kilometres per hour.

If you look up and you see the Jet d'Eau, you are in Geneva; its 140 metres of height can be seen from anywhere in the city. With about 500 litres per second and a speed of 200 km per hour, the Water Jet, which started as a functional element, has become one of its symbols. Curiously enough, it was created almost by accident, when the Coulovrenière hydraulic power network was being built in 1886. To avoid excess pressure, a valve was opened to let the water flow in a 30 metre high jet. In 1891, after its great success, the fountain was moved to the port, a central spot where the jet reached 90 metres and the tourists could better appreciate this hydraulic monument. But it was only in 1951, with an independent pump and by the using the Leman lake's own waters, that the current 140 metres were reached, using a 16 cm diameter nozzle. It works all year round, except in sub-zero temperatures (not an unusual occurrence in the winter) or when the wind is too strong.

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