A historic shopping centre in the city offering you several choices.

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Glendale Galleria

The most famous brands.

Located on the corner of Central Avenue and Colorado Street, in the heart of Downtown, this is the biggest shopping centre in Los Angeles, with an area exceeding 150,000 square metres. It was opened in 1976, becoming one of the first three-storey shopping centres in America. Its high point began in 1990, when it started making more than 300 million euros a year. Amongst other milestones, it welcomed the first branch of the restaurant chain Panda Express, as well as one of the first two Apple stores in the world (the other was in a shopping centre in Virginia). Inside there is space for more than 200 shops specialising in clothing, design and other products, as well as several department stores. The most well-known brands include the textile firms Macy’s, Bloomingdale and JCPenney. See www.glendalegalleria.com for more information.

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