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Hollywood Museums

Would you like to have a drink at Cheers?

As well as taking a tour of the studios of major film producers, knowing the history of the biggest industry in the world, film-making, requires a visit to some of the main museums in this corner of California. The first is the Hollywood Entertainment Museum, located at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard. Its main attraction is the studio tour, which lets us enter the command posts of the starship ‘Enterprise’, from the famous ‘Star Trek’ Saga, and the popular bar ‘Cheers’, which gave its name to the well-known ‘80s television series. It also exhibits accessories, clothing and several objects that once belonged to stars from the big screen, as well as a detailed model of Hollywood in the ‘40s. Nearby, at 2100 North Highland Avenue, the Hollywood Studio Museum pays tribute to the first firm studio in the area. Its origins date back to 1913, when Cecil B. De Mille rented a farm to film ‘The Squaw Man’, his first film. Completing the trilogy is the Hollywood Wax Museum (, an unusual museum, located at 6767 Hollywood Boulevard, which exhibits wax figures of some of the most monstrous creatures in the history of film-making.

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